Alexander "Alex" Vinderslev is an A.P. student in Financial Management, studying in Denmark. He is here on his 4th and final semester, with us as an intern. He is going to be here until the end of March, where he afterwards has to go back to Denmark, to write his finishing project, allowing him to continue his dream to become a Realtor.

Alex has been working with sales in a variety of stores since 2010, where the aim always has been quality and service.

Alex will continue working towards becoming a Realtor when he arrives back in Denmark, and until then, he will learn as much as possible while he's with Harcourts Island Properties here in Hawaii.

My Hawaii Real Estate Experience:

Week 1, Feb 6th: Tour of Kahala Home on Koloa Street

Week 1, Feb 7th: Crash Course on Honolulu Luxury Condos: Park Lane at Ala Moana

Week 2, Feb 15th: Hawaii Loa Ridge Homes and First Impressions

Week 3, Feb 19th: Residential Real Estate: Denmark vs. the United States