Mid Century Modern Architecture and Homes on Oahu

Mid Century Modern architecture is something that I've been passionate about and blogging about since 2008. Since most of these gems were literally built "mid century" you can find concentrations of them throughout the island - most of which are in Honolulu or the Windward side. For example, you won't find much in the Ewa or Leeward Plains as most of the construction there is newer.

The challenge as we get further along in the 21st Century, it's becoming harder and harder to find good ones where the home is still relatively intact with the "bones", lines and features of the era. Unfortunately, there are many that have been remodeled in the 80's or 90's where they no longer have the same style. Also, sad but true, there's been a number that have been demolished over the years to pave way for new construction.

Here you'll find available listings for sale that I've gathered that meet the style. Some are done by the greats such as Vladimir Ossipoff or Alfred Preis. Once in a blue moon, you'll come across a George Hogan home or others of the era. Feel free to contact me in the event you're looking to purchase or sell a Mid Century Modern Home in Hawaii.

Active Mid Century Modern Listings