Monday morning, my first week has passed and a new has started. David had just listed a beautiful house, which is going to be the first auction from Harcourts in Hawaii. Very exciting! David had at this time not told me much about the property, but I was excited to see it. It's always an experience to look at houses here, and this one was no exception. At a great location a bit outside the busy Waikiki and Diamond Head, but still close enough for me to call it centrally located, we drive into Hawaii Loa Ridge. One of the top luxury gated communities in Hawaii, which even has its own gated community within itself.

Ocean View from Hawaii Loa Ridge Home

Ocean View from upcoming Hawaii Loa Ridge listing

Driving into the area, it was for me a little weird with the safety guard and barriers. Just being kind of cut off to the world was a weird thought for me. Currently, there are no gated communities in Denmark as the Danish people do feel safe enough just living there, so the demand for it is very low.

Thinking about it further though, helped me understand. First off, even a $1.5 million dollar house is pretty uncommon in Denmark, and with a price range from $1.5 all the way to currently $35 million dollars, I get it. I mean, if I could choose to live in an open community with the same view, versus a gated community with the view, I'd choose the gated community anytime. Let me tell you why.

Driving into Hawaii Loa Ridge, as soon as you're past the guard and barrier, everything just goes silent behind you, apart from the nature around you. You're driving uphill, away from traffic, and into this beautiful community, with great looking houses, no traffic, beautiful nature and one of the most stunning views money can buy. From now on, you have little to no worry about your house being robbed, being annoyed by traffic, or anything of that sort. Going on vacation, or just out of town for a few days would give me ease of mind, that it has been cut off from the rest of the community, and everything is there when you get back home. I can even imagine my girlfriend going for an evening walk with the dog without a worry in the world. 

The house listed is not an oceanfront house, but it does come with an amazing view. A view that especially from the first floor is absolutely jaw-dropping, and apparently, most of the houses with that kind of view, usually goes for $2+ million dollars. This is going to be listed under $2 million. The thing is, most of the neighbor houses will most likely be more obstructed from the houses across the street, but this one is built up on a ridge, and the house across is fairly low built on a ridge that is lower, which opens up the landscape from this address.

So yes, the view is obstructed by the houses across the road, but for the price, and the area that is usually much higher in terms of price, I'd get this any day. 

This picture is taken from one of the bedrooms upstairs, which are all located towards this view by the way. You'd think that the view would be completely obstructed in the joint kitchen/living room area, but it's not. You still get almost the same view of the ocean, Waikiki and Diamond head to your right, and Hawaii Kai to your left. 

Within Hawaii Loa Ridge, you will only find very few houses that are priced at $2 million and below. Out of the small collection, I'd call this one out as the best deal at the moment. Now, I haven't actually seen the others inside in person but based on what the pictures can tell me, and the stats on the houses, this one seems to be better designed, in terms of useful space. Besides that, this is a newer house than the others, by a couple of years.

The upcoming auction on this house is gonna be really exciting! I find it a great deal, for a beautiful house, that is newer than some of the more expensive ones on the market today, and compared to the $2 million dollar house on Koloa Street I wrote about from my first week here, in another end of the city, this for me is a no brainer. It doesn't come with a lot of outdoor space, or with a pool, but you're still getting an amazing ocean view, that some of your neighbors are definitely gonna envy.

By Alexander Vinderslev