I read an article in the Star Advertiser yesterday that talked about a community meeting that took place over the weekend to discuss the possibility of building a new pedestrian bridge across the Ala Wai Canal. This is not the first time I've heard of such a concept, however it appears it's finally gaining some momentum with federal funding behind it.

Condos Along Ala Wai Canal

The Ala Wai Canal on the Mauka (mountain) side of Waikiki

The main straight away of the canal spans just over 2,000 meters and at this point in time, the only ways to cross are by Kapahulu Ave, to Date Street on the East and McCully Bridge to the West. The two proposed sites would cross over at either University Ave on the Mauka side or Seaside Ave. on the Makaai (ocean) side. Either proposal would be a means to connect pedestrian and biking traffic from Waikiki to Kapiolani

In reading the article, it appeared there were people on both sides of the coin. Some thought it was a great idea, while others expressed concern about change and traffic. Both proposed locations would cross relatively close to this location below, which is the canoe halau for Waikiki Surf Club and the Hawaii Canoe and Kayak Team

Waikiki Surf Club Canoes Near University Ave.

Canoes fronting the Ala Wai near University Ave.

Paddling and Rowing 

There's a long history of paddling canoes, kayaks and rowing along the Ala Wai Canal, which can be seen on daily basis. I'd think the paddling community would like to have their input on this topic as there's at least a half dozen clubs that call the Ala Wai home. I've also know friends over the years that paddle there and live in Waikiki and would love to have had a bridge to cut down the commute time. 

Hana Hou Community Meeting and Online Survey

There's another community meeting held tonight at Ala Wai Elementary from 6:30-8:30 PM. To stay up do date, feel free to visit the city's online site or feel free to visit the Ala Pono online survey to give your feedback there.