I'd like to take the time to thank all those who served our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom as we celebrate Memorial Day.

Remembering Our Fallen Heroes this Memorial Day

If it weren't for them, who knows where we'd be today? Occupied by Japan here in Hawaii? Ruled by the Germans on the Mainland? Perhaps there would have already been another 9/11? As we enjoy our Holiday off from work, school and preparing for summer with BBQ's and friendship, let's not forget why we have this Holiday.

Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy "Murph" and Operation Red Wings

Operation Red Wings Memorial Park at Diamond Head

Operation Red Wings Memorial Park (also known as Triagle Park) at Diamond Head

I first learned of Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy a few years ago watching the movie Lone Survivor. The film was very intense and heavy and gave me a real sense of what the ultimate sacrifice meant. During Operation Red Wings, Murphy sacrificed his own life to save his friends. It was only after seeing the movie that I realized and felt honored that our local park at Diamond Head has a memorial to honor those of Operation Red Wings (from the film) including Michael Murphy.

Crossfit and "Murph"

I first heard of Crossfit a little over 10 years ago from a client of mine that worked for the DEA. He said it was a fitness program done by many in the military, DEA, FBI (and civilians). Since then, the phenomenon and culture have exploded all across the country. I've attempted a number of the workouts from their website on and off over the years, however never really got formal instruction until this past fall. My friend Serge has been going for years and convinced me to try Crossfit East Oahu. What's great about Crossfit (outside of the physical fitness and constant variety of exercises) is the tribute they offer to our fallen heroes. They call them "HERO WODS". 

Today was my first time to do the "Murph" WOD which I've heard is a tradition at East Oahu's Box (Gym). This workout is a 1 mile run, followed by 100 Pull-ups, 200 Push-ups and 300 Air Squats, followed by another 1 mile run. Those that are really serious take it a step further and wear a 20 lb. weighted vest. I wasn't quite ready for that yet... It was tough enough as it was!

Helping Our Veterans to Buy and Sell Homes

One of the highest honors I've done in my real estate career is helping our Veterans with their home purchases and sales. As we head in to PCS Season, I look forward to helping more of our Military families with their housing transitions this summer.