I wrote an article just after this summer about the Tropic Seas and how sales were on fire there. Well, that trend is continuing with the sales of #1205 that sold on December 11 for $1 million! Keep in mind, this unit had no parking and was 700 square feet.

Paint and Spall Repair Wrap up at the Diamond Head Ambassador

The painting and spalling repair wrapping up at the Diamond Head Ambassador

The Diamond Head Ambassador that has been under the radar the past few years is getting some attention. With a recent building makeover with spalling repair and new paint, the Diamond Head Ambassador is coming back to life. There was a period of no sales and limited inventory. The last sales were:

  • #414 Sold 12/16/11 for $896/sqare foot
  • #402 Sold 8/12/10 for $898/square foot

Now, all of the sudden #102 at the Ambassador is in escrow. I see the Tropic Seas as a comparable product to the Diamond Head Ambassador for two reasons:

1. They are both co-ops
2. They don't come with parking

Here's where those similarities differ - the Diamond Head Ambassador has a swimming pool, whereas Tropic Seas does not. While they both have storage, the units at the Diamond Head Ambassador come with a much larger storage locker. Here are some current listings at the Ambassador that offer great value:

Considering the last sale at Tropic Seas went for over $1,400/square foot, the Ambassador is looking very attractive...