Aina Haina Real Estate

Neighborhood Information about Aina Haina: Aina Haina is a valley on East Oahu situated between the two ridges of Kahala Kua and Hawaii Loa. Most of the valley was pig farms up until the 50’s primarily owned by the Hind family. Hind Drive (East and West) is a horse shoe shaped drive that is the primary road artery into and out of the valley. Most of the lots can be lumped into two categories: The first are the flat and level lots in the middle of the valley that are zoned R-10 and around 10,000 square feet. The pros are their size and function. The second are the sloped lots on either side of the valley that are zoned R-7.5. and roughly 7,5000 square feet. Although less usable, they can have some great ocean views. There are some areas in AIna Haina where the lots sit on adobe soil, so homes can be known to “shift”. In addition, some of the lower lots in the valley zoned R-10 may or may not require flood insurance.

Aina Haina Shopping Center now has a modern appeal with recent renovations and has one of the best Foodland supermarkets in Foodland Farms. There are also several coffee shops, a Standup Paddle Board (SUP) shop named wet feet, a First Hawaiian Bank, a public library and handful of great places to eat. The public school in Aina Haina is Aina Haina elementary and Holy Nativity School offers a private option.

I’ve lived in Aina Haina on and off for many years and have a lot of friends and family that call Aina Haina home. If you’re considering Aina Haina for your next move or own a home in Aina Haina and are looking to sell it for top dollar, feel free to contact me for more information.

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