Waialae Iki Real Estate

Neighborhood Information about Waialae Iki: Waialae Iki is a luxury ridge in east Honolulu that was built in five phases spanning five decades. The first phase was built on the bottom of the hill, with the last phase being completed as a gated community at the top, known as Waialae Iki Five, where there a still a few vacant lots remaining that have not been built on. Laukahi St. is the main road that transverses back and forth to the top of the ridge. My father built a home in the 1600 block of Laukahi during the 1970’s I lived in as a kid that was featured in several architectural publications.

Amenities for the majority of Waialae Iki residents include several parks and private security patrol. Waialae Iki Five residents have additional amenities that are included with their maintenance fee, such as a club house and tennis courts. There is also a hiking trail beyond the security gate, however picture identifications are required for access.

The majority of homes on Waialae Iki boast incredible ocean views, the majority of which overlook Waialae Golf Course. Home prices start just under $1 million and go up to over $2 million. If you’re considering a move to Waialae Iki or own a home in Wailalae Iki, feel free to contact me for more information.

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