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Neighborhood information about Portlock: Portlock basically put luxury real estate in Hawaii on the map. The highest residential real estate sale ever in Hawaii was the sale of the Kaiser Estate to Billionaire Genshiro Kawamoto for over $40 million back in 1990. That sale by the way was Leasehold and Kawamoto did not own the land. Today, pretty much all of Portlock in Hawaii Kai is Fee Simple. Like much of Oahu, the prime real estate was spoken for first and it is no wonder Henry J. Kaiser chose Portlock to build his own private estate.

Most of the original homes were built in the 1940's and 1950's along Portlock Road, which is the main drive along the ocean. Along Portlock Road however, there are a handful of public right of ways that other residents not so fortunate to live on the water enjoy. Since a lot of the original homes are older, some have been torn down and rebuilt - a trend that is seen in other upscale beach neighborhoods like Kahala and Lanikai.

Welcome to Portlock in Hawaii Kai

Welcome to Portlock in Hawaii Kai

Most of the homes in the MLS neighborhood of Portlock are those that have a Portlock Road address. There are a few oceanfront homes however along Kalanianaole Hwy. that do also. Most Kamaaina (local residents) would consider everything on the ocean side of the highway as Portlock. There are however two additional neighborhoods in MLS that are Triangle, which is everything inland towards the highway and Koko Kai, which is everything inland towards Koko Head on the upper roads. All three are great neighborhoods and really close to each other. It's just that Portlock has traditionally had the presitige and should almost always capture the higher selling prices along the ocean. Not only is it nice to live on the ocean, the ones that do are typically protected from the wind and salt air with our prevailaing tradewinds blowing side of offshore. They also have fantastic sunset views towards Diamond Head in the afternoon.

Below you'll find the latest list of available homes and lots for sale in Portlock. Feel free to contact me if you're considering a move to or from this awesome oceanfront community in Hawaii Kai.

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