Vacant Land on Oahu

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Whether you're looking to build new or "land bank" for the future, there's no like owning land. As the saying goes, "they just aren't making more of it." The Big Island is an exception to that, however I don't think any of us has the time to wait for new lava formations (at least in this lifetime). In any event, vacant land on Oahu is hard to come by. Why? Most of the prime real estate has already been developed. Every now and then, you will find an old estate that is torn down and then relisted as vacant land, however in general, there is just not much of it for sale on Oahu. The reason is 93% of the lands in Hawaii are zoned either Agricultural or Conservation. That leaves very little left for development, which is also what keep our prices higher (supply and demand) and keep Hawaii "Hawaii" and that way we're not overbuilt like Hong Kong for instance...

If you're looking for vacant land on Oahu, below you'll find a taste of what's available. You may also use the advanced search section above for something more specific. There may be some "off market" listings as well. Feel free to contact me for any assistance. Aloha!

Vacant Land For Sale on Oahu