Today we celebrate Admissions Day in Hawaii as the 50th State in the Union. As we embark on 60 years of statehood, I though it would be fun to reflect back on some of the homes and architecture built in 1959.

Hawaii State Capitol Building

Hawaii State Capitol Building

Most of the construction taking place back then could be found in Honolulu, Pearl City and the Windward side (Kailua-Kaneohe). Some of the architecture featured Mid Century Modern homes, while others were still building "plantation style" homes, some still single wall construction. Here's some examples of homes currently on the market:

Oahu Homes Built in 1959

Waimalu Home in Pearl City Built in 1959

Waimalu home in Pearl City (MLS # 201904429) priced at $625,000

Momilani Home in Pearl City built in 1959

Momilani Home in Pearl City (MLS # 201907321) priced at $665,000

Halekauwila Home in Kaneohe built in 1959

Halekauwila home in Kaneohe (MLS # 201919620) priced at $739,000

Lower Waialae Nui Home near Diamond Head built in 1959

Lower Waialae Nui Ridge home near Diamond Head (MLS # 201829952) priced at $799,000

Remodeled Halekauwila home built in 1959

Remodeled Halekauwila home (MLS # 201919170) priced at $865,000

Remodeled Pearl City Home built in 1959

Remodeled home in Pearl City (MLS # 201922722) priced at $887,000

Keolu Hills home in Kailua built in 1959

Keolu Hills home in Kailua (MLS # 201918484) asking $918,000

Another Momilani Home in Pearl City built in 1959

Another Momilani home in Pearl City (MLS # 201921292) asking $925,000

Remodeled Lower Waialae Nui Ridge home built in 1959

Another home in Waialae Nui Ridge (MLS # 201918705) asking $1,049,000

Hauula home built in 1959

Hauula home near the ocean (MLS # 201922648) asking $1.1 million

Oceanfront Mokuleia home on the North Shore built in 1959

Mokuleia home on the North Shore (MLS # 201921418) priced at $1,329,000

Mid Century Modern Lanikai home built in 1959

Mid Century Modern Lanikai home (MLS # 201905392) priced at $1,695,000

Kahala Home built in 1959

Kahala home (MLS # 201823962) priced at $1,850,000

Lanikai Oceanfront home built in 1959

Lanikai Mid Century gem on the ocean (MLS # 201910281) priced at $5,395,000

60 Years of Timelessness and Change

Scrolling through these listings built in 1959, you'll see some that are in somewhat original condition to others that have undergone full blown remodels over the years or within the last few years. It's almost like a microcosm of Oahu. There are some things and areas that haven't changed much and others that have changed significantly. Although 1959 was well before my time, it definitely appeared to be a golden age here... If you're looking for a home with a vintage or newer style, feel free to give me a call. Mahalo and enjoy the rest of Admissions Day!