Tuesday, my 2nd day with Harcourts, and today was a big one. We were invited to go look at some new, premium condos at Park Lane and having done no research about the area, I could hear from David that they're pretty good. David is very professional and has been doing this for a while, so before I heard the prices of these condos, he was pretty casual about bringing me there, and I was just happy to be brought to the field, to be honest. 

Park Lane Lobby

View from Park Lane Lobby

I had no way to prepare myself for what was in store for me there, and hearing the price range on them, was pretty far from anything we have in Denmark, even if compared to a premium house as well. Before getting to Park Lane, you can definitely see things change with the area, in the sense that the buildings are bigger, the cars are lower and faster and you can pretty much smell the water. Located facing towards the water, right in front of the Ala Moana Center, we had 219 brand new luxurious condominiums, with only 8 left for sale ranging from $7.5-$29 million dollars for a Penthouse. In Denmark, the highest price I'm aware of for a home is $15 million.

Driving up to the property, we park the car in what looks like a small roundabout. Apparently, they have valet service there. We go to the lobby, where they have a front desk and a nice waiting lounge with an already amazing view.

Park Lane Pool

Park Lane Pool

The first part of the tour, we were viewing the common areas like the pool, and some of the amenities they have available to their residents. Some of these, but not limited to, was a pool, barbecue area, cinema, spa, and kitchens with larger tables available if they were having a lot of people over. These areas were free to use, and should simply be booked beforehand. There was also "the great lawn" which was envisioned after Kukio on the Big Island and should be a highly sought after meeting place.

The Great Lawn at Park Lane

The Great Lawn at Park Lane

The first condo was fully furnished, with all the best, in order for potential buyers to see what the place could look like, as the one they're probably looking at, will be empty. Seeing this first, helped tremendously with imagining what kind of space would be available instead of only being able to view the condo empty. This was sold with the interior furniture (separately) for $7.9 million dollars.

Park Lane Bedroom

Park Lane Furnished Bedroom

Afterwards, we viewed some of the condos which had not yet been sold, in order to get an idea of the different kind of views they offered.

View of Ala Moana Beach Park from Park Lane

View of Ala Moana Beach Park from Park Lane Lanai

After the tour, I caught myself trying to process what I had just experienced. Doing different kind of assignments back in Denmark, we once had to look for the most expensive property for sale at that moment. 1 property came up, and the second one after that was a lot cheaper, so even finding a property close to the lower-priced properties at Park Lane is difficult, and you'll only find 1 in Denmark. There is no real way to compare the markets, but I still find the difference incredible, as we have nothing even close to Park Lane, either property or price-wise.

Harcourts Crew at Park Lane

Here I am (on the left) with some of the Harcourts Team at Park Lane

This is the most luxurious and thought through properties I have ever witnessed, with my own eyes. This is something, at least us from Denmark, have only seen on pictures and in movies, and can only try to imagine what is like in real life. What an experience.

By Alexander Vinderslev