As we come out of nearly two months of quarantine lockdown here in Honolulu due to COVID-19, it's hard to believe it was just two months prior on January 18th that the residents in Diamond Head experienced that Saturday morning tragedy that took place at 3015 Hibiscus Drive. As the community is still healing and recovering, we see our first home hit the market at 3041 Hibiscus Drive.

3041 Hibiscus Drive in Diamond Head

3041 Hibiscus Drive (MLS # 202011155) in Diamond Head

It's a cute bungalow home, as many are/were in the neighborhood. This historic home was built in 1926, which is quite old for Hawaii standards. There have been many renovations and remodels over the years, however most of the character has been kept from that era in time.

Living Room of Hibiscus Drive Home

Hibiscus Dining Room 1 Hibiscus Dining Room 2

Living and Dining Room with Historic Feel

Although the current owner has a tax bill that goes to the east coast, one of the owners in the chain of history was the late David Puder of Kahala Construction. He was a legendary craftsman known for building and remodeling homes in the Diamond Head and Kahala areas. You can see how well the history is maintained in this nearly 100 year old home, yet providing a modern feel.

Hibiscus Drive Kitchen 1

Hibiscus Drive Kitchen 2 Hibiscus Drive Kitchen 3

Remodeled Kitchen with Historic Feel

Hibiscus Drive Bathroom

Modern Bathroom with 1920's Feel

The Puders owned the home from 2007-2010 at which they put in the swimming pool.

Hibiscus Home Pool in Diamond Head

Swimming Pool that was added in 2007

That January morning was such a hard experience for everyone to go through. I've got a bunch of friends that live in the neighborhood. As everyone goes through their healing process, I'm glad to see that the majority of homes such as this gem have been saved.