When I joined Harcourts a little over a year ago, one of the exciting lures was the ability to offer Auctions as a tool to Sellers in selling their property. Fast forward a year, and that time has come.  We're officially up and rolling and can list property via auction here in Hawaii.


Discussing Auctions with Rob Forde, Regional Director of Harcourts Pacific

Harcourts has a long successful track record of selling property via via auction dating back to 1888. In New Zealand and Australia roughly half of all properties are sold via auction (the majority of which are non-distressed). Just a few years ago, Harcourts USA introduced auctions to the market in Southern California. Since then, they've had an incredible track record.

Here's a video with Harcourts Auctions Auctioneer Ben Brady explaining the process for Sellers:

To learn more about Selling by Auction, feel free to visit our Harcourts Auctions Website or contact me for more information. We're really excited about this new tool to introduce to the marketplace.