Honolulu Bill 7 Properties

What size properties qualify for Bill 7 redevelopment?

Lots with area up to 20,000 square feet qualify for Bill 7.  The minimum front yard must be 10 feet, or the minimum required by the underlying zoning, whichever is less. The minimum side and rear yards must be 5 feet, or whatever is required by the underlying zoning, whichever is less. For development purposes, lots between 5,000 and 20,000 square feet are the most desirable.

What is the maximum building “footprint” allowed by Bill 7?

Bill 7 allows a building to cover up to 80% of the land. This compares with a 40% to 60% footprint allowed in Apartment zoning. 

What is the maximum building height?

Bill 7 allows buildings up to 60 feet high.

What is the allowable density?

The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) allowed under Bill 7 is 4.0. This means that the building can be four times the size of the land. Under Apartment zoning, without Bill 7, the FAR ranges between 0.9 and 2.8. Bill 7 allows a larger building to be built on qualifying parcels of land.

How many apartments can I build on my property?

The maximum number of units is determined by dividing the Allowable Floor Area by 800. Under this formula a 5,000 square foot parcel would have Allowable Floor Area of 20,000 square feet. Divide 20,000 by 800 and the maximum number of units allowed on a 5,000 square foot property is 25.

On a 10,000 square foot property, 50 apartments would be possible. A 15,000 square foot property would support up to 75 apartments and about 100 apartments could be built on a 20,000 square foot property.

What type and size of apartments can be built?

Everything from studios to four bedroom apartments can be built under Bill 7. Apartment sizes allowed by Bill 7 are generous. Studios can be up to 500 square feet; One bedroom apartments with one bath can be up to 650 square feet; Two bedroom apartments with one bath can be up to 800 square feet; Two bedroom apartments with two baths can be up to 1,000 square feet; Three bedrooms with a bath and a half can be up to 1,100 square feet; Four bedrooms with two baths can be up to 1,300 square feet. The intent of Bill 7 is to encourage development of livable rental housing that is attractive to a range of families.

What is the maximum rent allowed for Bill 7 apartments?

Rents are based on federal guidelines from Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that measure the Annual Median Income (AMI) in cities across the United States. For Honolulu, the 2019 AMI rents are $2,260 for studios; $2,411 for one bedrooms; $2,848 for two bedrooms; $3,243 for a three bedroom and $3,646 for four bedrooms. 

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