Monday afternoon David and I went to the Kahala area for a showing on Koloa Street. Going out there, I knew nothing about the area, very little about the real estate business in Hawaii and with no experience in the business. Luckily for everyone, I am only on scout as long as I have no license. Meanwhile, I will take as much as I can, and try to learn from everything I hear.

My first impression of the area, was positive, clean and premium, as we drove down towards the water coming from Kahala Mall.

Red Brick Home on Koloa St. in Kahala

Red brick home on Koloa St (MLS # 201802459) in Kahala

We get to the house, and the first thing I notice are the bricks on the house, as almost all houses in Denmark are built that way. Going into the house, we walk into a light and open entry, with white walls, high ceilings, and beautiful dark wooden floors, with access straight to the big open living room. From the living room, we have access to the rest of the rooms, with the kitchen closest to the front door, with a view to the garden, that by the way, comes with a pool!

Koloa home in Kahala with Hardwood Floors and Pool

Hardwood Floor with Pool and Garden out back

In the middle, we have large sliding window lots, that hides away in the walls, so when opened completely, we have hardly any windows showing, which opens up the living room a whole lot.

Brick Columns and White Roof

Brick Pillars and White Roof

Going outside, the brick-style from out front continues as tiles outside, and down the pillars holding a light, white roof on the terrace. 

1070 Koloa Street is a beautiful house, with a great location, beautiful design and great possibilities. It's close to the water, but no ocean view. It seems to be a great area, with other beautiful houses, and very close to Kahala Mall, which offers a variety of stores to fulfill almost every need for shopping.

By Alexander Vinderslev