Aloha! It's another Wednesday and today we're going to touch on another episode of We Need Inventory. Today, we're going to talk about La Pietra here in Diamond Head, adjacent to La Pietra School for Girls. There, we have 38 town homes at the base of Diamond Head. It's a beautiful gated community. There's been 3 trades that have taken place so far this year, but the last sale was in July at $2,900,000. We have not had a listing hit the market since. So, traditionally every year we have several that sell. Now, we're going on 5 and coming up on 6 months without a sale or listing at La Pietra. 

No Inventory = Great Time to Sell

If you know anyone looking to sell their town home there at La Pietra, now could be a great time because inventory is tight and we need inventory. In particular, for a quality product near Diamond Head.