Aloha, this is David Buck with Harcourts Island Real Estate. I'm here to give you the local market update for November, 2021. 

Single Family Home Stats

Well, as far the number of sales went here on Oahu, Makiki-Moiliili saw the largest increase in the numbers of sales. Check out the backdrop behind me (from Tantalus) that covers everything from Moiliili, Manoa, Makiki, etc. right there in the hub of Metro Honolulu. Those sales of single family homes were up 120% from a year ago. That's gone from 10 sales in November of 2020 to 22 sales now in November of 2021. 

Now we'll jump into the median sales price for local neighborhoods here on Oahu. Believe it or not, they were up in every single neighborhood except for 3. It's showing how robust the single family home market is on Oahu. Waialae-Kahala had the largest year over year appreciation as far as the median sales price goes. That was up 74% from $1,620,000 last year to $2,825,000. The next neighborhood behind that was in the 30 odd percentile increase. That was a significant bump there in Waialae-Kahala, which you can kind of see behind me in the Waialae Golf Course Neighborhood and Waialae Iki out the back. 

Condo Sales Stats

As far as the condos go here on Oahu, Makakilo saw the largest increase in the number of sales that crushed every other neighborhood. Sales in Makakilo were up 190% from November of 2020. That was going from just 10 sales a year ago to 29 sales this year. There's a lot of velocity in the marketplace out there. You're seeing multiple bids and prices just kind of going through the roof. This photo here in the backdrop is in Upper Makakilo and this is a town home listing that I've got coming on market in early January.

The last segment we're going to cover is the median sales price for condominiums on Oahu. Similar to the single family home market, we saw appreciation in just about every neighborhood that's covered by the Honolulu Board of Realtors. There were only 4 neighborhoods that were not up year over year. Kailua-Waimanalo saw the largest increase in median sales price. That was up 43% from a year ago where condos were trading for $499,500 and now in November of 2021 they are at $715,000. That's quite a spike for year over year on the condo market. This photo behind me would be Bluestone, which is a great project there in Kailua.

Merry Christmas from Harcourts

In any event, it's been a phenomenal year for real estate here on Oahu and as we head into Christmas this coming week, just want to wish you and your Ohana the best and look forward to helping you all out in 2022. Mahalo!