My wife and I are travelers and water people. For most of our 47 years together we lived on sailboats on the sea. In our 20’s, we bought a 30 foot sloop in San Francisco although we did not even know how to sail! We taught ourselves celestial navigation (decades before GPS) and everything else needed to become seafarers on the great Pacific.  

Living on a shoestring, we voyaged to The Sea of Cortez (Mexico) for several years and became hooked on the cruising lifestyle. 

Southern Cross in New Zealand

The Southern Cross in New Zealand

After returning to the US, we taught ourselves the real estate business; scrimped and saved for 12 years before buying a 1961 teak Angelman Sea Witch ketch named Southern Cross (Hoku-ke’a in Hawaiian). She needed extensive refitting and we finally sailed for the South Pacific in 1995, again cruising on a shoe string.

Sailing Boat in Hale O Lono Harbor

Hale O Lono Harbor on Molokai

We lived with islanders all over the Pacific and have hanai family from Polynesia to New Zealand. When it came time to give up the strenuous ordeal of crossing oceans, we sold Southern Cross and moved to Molokai in Hawaii.

Lorraine Fishing

Lorraine's Mahimahi caught of Molokai

This gorgeous island, (“The Friendly Isle”) is rural, with a small population, no traffic or stop lights, almost no crime or violence, great fishing, and a perfect climate. Living on land after all those years was a huge change, yet Molokai worked out well for us. It has for many retirees, although we never were ones to “retire.” 

Growing Our Own Vegetables

Growing our own vegetables

After growing nothing but barnacles in our lives, we planted a large veggie garden and dozens of trees and now eat only (GMO – Grow My Own) from of our garden every day, and sell our overage to vendors at the local Saturday market. Lorraine learned to paddle and steer a va’a (traditional canoe), joined a local club, and paddled in the State Championships. 

Lorraine Steering a Canoe at States

Lorraine steering a canoe at States

The call of the sea is too strong -- time for us to travel again, this time to the Atlantic. We’re just waiting for the right person to come along and buy our beautiful home and we’ll be on our way.

205 Aahi Place on Molokai

Our home at 205 Aahi Place (MLS # 201914727)

Thank you and aloha to the nice people on Molokai. Robby and Lorraine Coleman