I just wanted today to share with you the process for all the animals that come through Hawaii from the mainland. They either need to get shots ahead of time and if not they go through this quarantine facility in Halawa.

Animal Quarantine Station in Hawaii

State of Hawaii Animal Quarantine Station

Another thing I learned today (because I'm here to pick up a pet for some clients that just arrived here during the COVID situation) is if your flight comes in later in the day and have all the shots you need to have your animals spend 1 night here. Otherwise, if your pet gets all the shots and get an earlier arrival flight you won't have to come through the Hawaii Quarantine facility here. Once again if you don't get the shots, your pet is going to be here for sometime.

Hawaii Quarantine Dog Cages

Dog Cages at Hawaii Quarantine Facility

Let's plan ahead and make that relocation back to Hawaii a smooth one. Mahalo

More Information

For more information on the relocating your pets back to Hawaii, please visit the Hawaii Department of Agriculture Animal Division website.