Earlier this year I wrote an article on an Alfred Preis home on Woodlawn Drive. Prior to that, it was roughly 1.5 years since a Preis Home hit the market

Alfred Preis home at 3206 Melemele Place

Alfred Preis home (MLS # 201722271) at 3206 Melemele Place

Melemele Place is a street in Manoa where you can see a number of his works. What's nice about this one is the sheer size of the lot - 16,555 sq. ft. according to tax records. 

 Alfred Preis Homes on Melemele Place

Driveway at 3206 Melemele Place3206 Melemele Mid Century Home and Back Yard

Expansive lot featuring driveway, lush views and level yard out the back

This home also has a nice feel of "bringing the outside in" with lots of fixed pane windows.

Preis Melemele Windows

Melemele living areaPreis Blue Living Room

Living area with hardwood floors bringing the outside in with large windows

The home also featured Alfred Preis' signature use of custom hardwood cabinetry, hard color surfaces (often turquoise or teal) on countertops and backslashes for color contrast. He also used ventilation pukas (holes) in pantry cabinets as well as bathroom cabinets for a built-in laundry hamper.

Melemele Kitchen by Alfred Preis

Melemele kitchen sinkMelemele Breakfast Nook

Hardwood built-ins, color contrasts and ventilation were some signature features

We feel blessed to live in one of these homes designed by Alfred Preis. If you're interested in this or other mid century modern homes on Oahu, feel free to contact me for more information.