Aloha! This is David Buck with Harcourts Island Real Estate. Today is another Wednesday and we're going to be covering another episode of We Need Inventory. The neighborhood we're going to be discussing today is Pualei Circle, which lies on the mauka (mountain) side of Kapiolani Park at Diamond Head.

Pualei Circle at Diamond Head

Pualei Circle on the Diamond Head side of Kapiolani Park

It's an enclave in a "circle" at the intersection of Pualei Circle and Leah iAve.

Pualei Circle and Leahi Ave.

Pualei Circle and Leahi Ave.

There's about a dozen condominium buildings and several hundred units of potential inventory within Pualei Circle. All of those buildings, but one have a Pualei Circle address, with the exception of Diamond Head Surf, which on the corner of Pualei Circle and Leahi Ave.

Diamond Head Surf at Pualei CircleDiamond Head Surf with Diamond Head in the Background

Diamond Head Surf on the Corner of Pualei Circle and Leahi Ave.

With that said, today there's only 1 unit for sale in Pualei Circle. That's a 1 bedroom at Diamond Head Alii going for $535,000. In addition to that, there's 2 others in Pualei Circle that have accepted offers on them. Over the past 6 months, there's only been 7 sales, with an average 23 days on market.

Diamond Head Alii Condos

Diamond Head Alii Condos

So, inventory at Pualei Circle is very tight at the moment. If you know of anyone that owns a condo at Pualei Circle and are thinking about selling, timing wise, this could be a great opportunity. We're very tight on inventory and we need inventory. 

Contact us if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell at Pualei Circle. Mahalo!