Military Branches on Oahu

Summer PCS Season to and from Oahu in Full Swing

As we're just over mid way through July, many of our active duty military families have been PCSing to and from Oahu. With the rise in mortgage rates we've seen over the past 6-7 months, the buying power isn't what it was in the summer of 2021. However, the good news is VA mortgage rates are still significantly less than those getting conventional financing.

Less Competition and More Inventory

With more buyers tapping out of the market, that creates more opportunities for those that are actively looking to purchase during PCS Season. In addition, single family home inventory was up 39% in June compared to June of 2021.To see if you think buying makes more sense than renting in 2022, Here's the current BAH Calculator.

PCSing Away from Oahu?

If you're rounding up your stay in Hawaii, currently own and not sure if you should sell or lease your place out, feel free to contact us to run out some scenarios of what would make sense.