We recently had some fun trying to test Ben Brady, our Regional Director of Harcourts Pacific on his skills translating pidgin english pertaining to real estate here in Hawaii. Ben was at the corporate office in California, while David was on the beach in Waikiki. Let's see how he did...


  1. Oh, what kine hale you going look for?
  2. Where da lua stay in this house?
  3. Ho - da buggah stay bakin!
  4. I need one house whea tutu and aunty going sleep. Where you goin' find me dat kine?
  5. Wen da kine opala goin' get picked up?

For an Aussie, he actually didn't do that bad! This puts some perspective into our unique dialects that Harcourts offices work with throughout the world. Whether it be Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or other english speaking countries we all have some "lingo" that is unique to our areas.

Just to be clear here, I don't typically "bust out" this form of talking when working with clients, however I'm always glad to if you'd like :) Ha!