Single Family Home Neighborhood Report

The North Shore finished very strong with a sales volume up 100% from the previous year. There were 10 sales this year vs. 5 in 2019. In the median sales price, Wahiawa showed some strength, just like last month where the median sales price was the strongest increase by 16%. Across the board, some neighborhoods were up and some were down, just not as skewed as the previous month in May. Wahiawa ended up with a median sales price of $665,000, up from $575,000 in 2019.

Condo Neighborhood Report

Did any neighborhoods on Oahu have more sales in June this year than June last year? Of the 3 neighborhoods we follow, only 3 closed more sales in June of 2020. Condo sales this June were stronger in Kaneohe, Kapahulu-Diamond Head and Wahiawa. The median price for condos in Kaneohe was $521,500, which was 9% below the median price in June of 2019. The median price in Wahiawa was $245,000, which was 13% higher than the median price in Wahiawa of June last year. 

In 6 of the 21 neighborhoods we follow there were more listings at the end of June, 2020 than there were in June of 2019. Listing volume is up in the Ewa Plain, Kailua-Waimanalo, Makaha-Nanakuli, the North Shore, Pearl City-Aiea and Waipahu. June marks the 3rd month since the start of the Corona Virus in Hawaii and although our inventory is down a bit, low interest rates have kept the market active. If you're thinking of Selling a condo in Hawaii, this may present some good opportunities.

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