Today, we're going to talk about Sans Souci. Is it this Sans Souci?

Sans Souci in Colorado

Sans Souci in Boulder, CO

Or is it this Sans Souci? Sans Souci on the Gold Coast. It's been a hot topic over this past month as the land lease was set to expire this past month, in January of 2024

Sans Souci on Diamond Head's Gold Coast

Sans Souci in Honolulu, HI

What's exciting about that for the owners is the lease has been extended for another 65 years. They did not have to turn over the keys and walk away, which could have been the worse case scenario, when owning leasehold property in Hawaii. What's awesome about Sans Souci now is these owners have a chance to renew their lease for another 65 years. This creates some instant equity, versus not having anything left.

Current Inventory at Sans Souci

Today, there were 4 Brokers Opens - 2 Studios, a 1 Bedroom and a 2 Bedroom. There's actually 8 listings for sale. So, it's going to be interesting to see how these things start trading and setting a new market tone or value with the extended land lease.

Extended Lease Opens Door to Financing

What's awesome about it is they can now be financed. Banks want to see at least 35 years remaining to give you a 30 year mortgage. So, with 65 years remaining, that's an awesome future ahead for those that are looking to live here on the Gold Coast at Diamond Head.

Diamond Head Seen from Sans Souci

Diamond Head Seen from Sans Souci (10th Floor)

Looking to Make a Move to or from Sans Souci?

If you're thinking about buying at Sans Souci here on the Gold Coast or if you currently own a unit at Sans Souci, feel free to reach out to us. Mahalo!