Harcourts Auctions will auction a very special Hawaii home on February 20, 2020. As the listing agent, I’ve come to know the property well and I believe that the best possible new owner is Jason Momoa.

Honolulu Waterfront Home Perfect for Jason Mamoa

This Honolulu home surrounded by water would be perfect for "Auquaman"

Here are the top three reasons why:

1. Lisa Bonnet

The love story between Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet is one of the most romantic stories in Hollywood today. Even before they met, Jason “knew” that Lisa was The One.  She is his queen and the love of his life.

Mirrored Dressing Room Boudir

Mirrored Dressing Room

Lisa deserves this mirrored dressing room with a sunken tub.

Paiko Sunken Tub

Sunken Tub

This boudoir is picture perfect for elegant, feminine Lisa.

2. Kanewai Fishpond

Jason Momoa is true to his Hawaiian heritage and connected to the Hawaiian culture. 

Kupuna say that Kānewai Spring is “where the mountain gives birth to the ocean,” because these headwaters flow into Kānewai Fishpond, then to Paikō Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary, and finally into Maunalua Bay.  This video tells the story of how Kanewai Spring was reclaimed in 2017 and now is owned and managed by the Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center and Trust for the Public Land,. This property includes an undivided 1/10 interest in Kanewai Fishpond. If Jason Momoa buys this house, the Fishpond will remain protected.

3. The House is BIG

8,000 Sq. Ft. Ossipoff Home

Oversized Mid Century Ossipoff Home

Jason Momoa is a big guy. This house is huge. There is plenty of room inside and outside for Mr. Momoa and his family to live, work and play. With almost 8,000 square feet under roof and over an acre of lawn, I believe this is a Perfect Fit for the Momoa/Bonet ‘ohana. It was also designed by Vladimir Ossipoff, Hawaiii's most renowned mid century modern architect.

If you know the Momoa Ohana, please pass this on... Harcourts Live Auction

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