Mahi Ko at Waikele Condo

Eleanor Nicolai, Honolulu, Hawaii

EXCEPTIONAL, that's exactly describes my Realtor, David E. Buck. There were four Realtors that I had considered. Eliminating two, it was narrowed down to two, one of whom was David Buck. I interviewed both and my decision came to the one I immediately felt will do an outstanding job. Mr. Buck's demeanor was professional. Soft spoken with a quiet smile put me at ease. He went through each step thoroughly. He spent hours during that first meeting. Oh, those fine prints. I was overwhelmed with the process. He was very patient with my repeated questions because I didn't get it the first few times. David Buck was always available to take or return my anxious calls. Yes, I bothered him with every detail. I survived the anxieties associated with being a seller, thanks to Mr.Buck. Congratulations! Waikele Condo Sold! I highly recommend him to all.