We Need Inventory

Aloha and Happy Wednesday everyone. Today, we're going to be starting a segment called We Need Inventory, featured on Wednesdays. Although the market is slowing down here in Honolulu, there's always a segment of the market that is different, that has less inventory than others.

Ossipoff Homes Wanted

Right now, I personally have 3 separate buyers looking for a Vladimir Ossipoff home. There's 2 homes on the market currently, that don't check the boxes. One of those is up on Waialae Nui Ridge and there's another oceanfront home in Kahala. Of those 3 buyers I'm working with...

1. Is looking for one with a fireplace.

2. Is looking for one that can be placed on the Historic Register and meets that mid century modern standard in design.

3. Is looking for an Ossipoff home which is very unique, kind of similar to the Liljestrand House. Although, we know that's obviously not for sale. But, something on a ridge with killer views and killer mid century lines.

If you know someone out there with an Ossipoff home looking to sell, contact me at 808-371-3509. Mahalo!