Well, if you have anyone in your family that's military, the Hale Koa Hotel is one of the best deals going in Waikiki. You might not always have the ability to stay there, because it's always in such high demand. If you're ever spending time here and curious about the real estate around the Hale Koa, I'm going to give you a quick tour and show you what some of the nearby condos are.

Condos for Sale Near the Hale Koa Hotel

First off, there's going to be condos behind the Hilton. To learn more about the condos near the Hilton, you can read this article. Once you cross the street, you've got Fort DeRussy Park, which is a 70 acre park in the heart of Waikiki. Then, out the back, first off you're going to have the Luana Waikiki. Those are studios and 1 bedroom condos that you can rent out short term. Behind that, you've got the Hawaiian Monarch. Some of the front row buildings along the park are actually going to be hotels.

Fort DeRussy and Hale Koa Views from Lanikea Condo

Fort DeRussy and Hale Koa Views from Lanikea Condo

One building that can be appealing near the back and they have great views of Fort DeRussy is Lanikea at Waikiki. There's 4 units per floor, all of which are 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. To the right of Lanikea (looking from the park), you have Ritz Carlton Waikiki. There's 2 towers, both Diamond Head and Ewa Towers. Those are condos that can be renting out short term. They were developed by Irongate, which is the same developer that built Trump Tower Waikiki, that recently got rebranded as Kala'i.

Pros and Cons of Ritz Carlton and Trump Tower

There pros are that you can live in them, you can rent them out short (or long) term. The downside is that they're really hard to make money if you decide to rent them out short term as the management company takes nearly 60% of the income off the top. You do have use the front desk there (for short term rentals). That's a recap of the condos near Fort DeRussy and Hale Koa. Correction, I'd like to wrap it up with the gem of them all. Stand by...

Waikiki Shore

Waikiki Shore

Waikiki Shore with Diamond Head in the Backdrop

The best was saved for last. Waikiki Shore is direct beachfront at Waikiki, with Diamond Head down the coast. Here, you've got 2 bedrooms on the oceanfront end of the building. Then, you have a mix of studios and 1 bedrooms that run towards the back. Then, there's a 2 bedroom floor-plan near the back of the building. 

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