Aloha! It's another Wednesday and we're going to cover another episode of We Need Inventory. This past week, we started working with a buyer that's specifically looking for a home in Ewa Gentry Cypress Point. In doing a little bit of research, this is a neighborhood where nobody wants to sell. Because, going back over the past 2 years, there only been 1 sale and that was for $1,835,000, and that took place in March of 2023.

It's a tight neighborhood. This was a quality product done by Gentry. This is the very end of Kuanoo Street in Ewa Beach, for those that aren't familiar. Some of the homes do back up to the golf course there in Ewa Beach. It's a hot product, however nobody at this point is looking to sell. But, if you know anyone that does own at Ewa Gentry Cypress Point, we are working with a buyer. We'd love to help get you a nice price for your home as well. 

You can contact us at 808-371-3509 and this is another episode of We Need Inventory, here on Oahu. Mahalo!