Aloha! Here we are for another segment of We Need Inventory and today we're going to discuss the Gold Coast at Diamond Head. This strip in the backdrop behind me of oceanfront buildings consists of 17 condos and co-ops.

Gold Coast Condos at Diamond Head

Gold Coast Oceanfront Condos and Co-ops at Diamond Head

Today, there's literally only 16 units on the market between all of those 17 buildings and 7 of those 16 have accepted offers on them. On top of that, nearly half of the buildings along the strip have literally nothing for sale today. There's lots of buyers believe it or not still in the market here that are looking for an oceanfront condo in Diamond Head.

8 Gold Coast Buildings Have Nothing for Sale

Of those 17 buildings, 8 of them have nothing for sale today. So, I'm going to fire them off at you right now and hear me out. If you know anyone that owns in any of these buildings, now could be a great time to sell because there's a lot buyers in the marketplace and we need inventory. Those (8) buildings are:

  1. Colony Beach
  2. Coral Strand
  3. Diamond Head Beach Hotel
  4. Sans Souci
  5. Seabreeze
  6. Tropic Seas
  7. 3003 Kalakaua
  8. 3056 Kalakaua

If you know anyone that owns in any of those buildings, have them give us a shout because now might be a great time to sell because WE NEED INVENTORY. Mahalo!