Alright, look - it still fits! I hope so happy girls that you bring the family back together. We have Mom, Melina here and look, she good new animal! No longer training pig. She training dog now... good dog, good dog... and I have Natasha, the Black Widow and so happy you're with your sister again. We are now secret location (shhhh....). We came to Aspen, Colorado to kind of "blend in" with other people in the community.  Doing secret work for The Avengers. Shhhh... don't tell anybody.

Pumpkins Carved by Super Soldier

Pumpkins Carved by Super Soldier

I'm going to talk about a little spy trip I made to Hawaii real quick. I went to look at beautiful properties for Harcourts.  Super Soldier gave it a shot to make pumpkin and see what I have done. First off, we are going to talk about property for Harcourts in Honolulu.

Makaha Oceanfront Condo

Hawaiian Princess #1004

Hawaiian Princess #1004 for $250,000 LH

First one is Makaha - 1 bedroom, 1 bath at Hawaiian Princess, beautiful oceanfront.  i had to go scout out this property because all the other Avengers were going to Hawaii (Wolverine ini 2017, Captain America in 2019, Dr. Strange ini 2020 and Spiderman in 2021) and I didn't want to feel left out. I am back here in Aspen at secret hiding place with family, however I wanted to tell you. So 1 bedroom, 1 bath. They have this funny thing called leasehold, so you don't own the land, you own the building. It's beautiful, right on the ocean for $250,000.

Kaneohe Condo

Hale Anaole Tennis Court

Hale Anaole #A301 w/ Tennis Court for $520,000

The next property is in Kaneohe. That's on the opposite side of the beautiful island of Oahu. Kaneohe has beautiful green, tropical everywhere. This is in a building called Hale Anaole, and there we have a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath condo with view of ocean. it also has a tennis court. As a super soldier I cannot play because I beat everybody. That is Hale Anaole and the price is $520,000.

Maili Home

Maili Home

Maili Home for $740,000

On the west side of Oahu, we have a home in Maili. This one is 5 bedroom, 3 baths, very close to the ocean and good sized space in the house. This one is $740,000.

Diamond Head Home

Diamond Head Home on Papu Circle

Diamond Head Home for $3,300,000

Last, but not least, we have beautiful home in Diamond Head. Close to the ocean, Kaikoo's very famous surf spot, close to Cromwells, other famous surf spot. This home is 5 bedrooms, 6 baths and almost 4,000 sq. ft. under roof. At $3,300,000 it is the lowest priced home in Diamond Head. Best value out there!

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