Spider-Man Far From Home in Oahu, Hawaii

Well, ALOHA! This is your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and I am definitely far from home. I figured I'd follow in the path of my previous Marvel friends Wolverine, Captain America and Dr. Strange and come out here to this beautiful state (of Hawaii) to report on some really cool real estate. 

A lot has changed during COVID and Harcourts Island Real Estate has actually moved offices. This time last year, they just got out of their office in Kapahulu into a temporary space and now they're in a great new location right above Olive Tree in Kahala.

Another thing that has changed during COVID is we've seen a huge dramatic drop in inventory. Even with this Halloween segment that I'm going to get in to, we saw a lot less inventory (not just island wide), but what Harcourts is carrying. David and his team have already closed close to 30 transactions this year and they only have 2 listings left available.

Rather than getting into it and just throwing up a couple pieces of paper like my old lazy friends... Wolverine didn't want to walk anywhere Captain America is just "old" and Dr. Strange for some reason just decided to teleport to Aspen last year. We have 2 great listings to look at today - one in Aina Haina and one in Diamond Head. You're going to love these homes!

Aina Haina Home

Aina Haina Home on Opihi St.

5488 Opihi St. (MLS # 202124131) in Aina Haina

Ok. Here I am at 5488 Opihi here in Aina Haina in this beautiful valley with these mountain views of Hawaii Loa Ridge in the background. Let's check out this beauty. There's all kinds of fruit trees We have pomegranate and although this place was built in 1949, there's been extensive remodels along the way, including a 2 bed, 1 bath addition. 

Here we are inside. With these beautiful views behind your (towards the garden and Hawaii Loa Ridge) and there's an addition upstairs and you've got these really cool high ceilings... a great place to "hang" around. Alrighty, I'm not getting lazy like my old Marvel folks. I just wanted to show you that Harcourts did do a flyer for this one. It's a beautiful one in Aina Haina.

Check out this kitchen behind me. It's got gas cooking. Unlike New York, it's hard to find here in Hawaii. You've got a beautiful island with storage underneath and new appliances, a new refrigerator this past year and check out this cool garden view you get to see while doing dishes here at the sink. Directly behind me you have avocados and banana behind that you have mango out the back. 

One the side yard, you have a gorgeous yard that is fully fenced in if you want to have pets and a pool out the back and a full bathroom next to the swimming pool.  In the master bedroom, there's a full on walk in closet (cedar lined). You have the swimming pool out the back behind the windows. Give a "shaka" there to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In your master bath, you have a walk in shower, Toto toilet and a very, very, very long quartz countertop. Behind the master, you have your very own study with bookshelves so you can just sit back and relax.

In summary, this Aina Haina home is 6 bedrooms, 4 baths on a 10,000 sq. ft. lot and we're priced to sell at $1.9 million. As I wrap up here in Aina Haina, we're going to make our way to Diamond Head. You're going to love this next one! I'll be up shortly with your friendly neighborhood Spidey in Diamond Head.

Diamond Head Home on Owena St.

3864 Owena St. (MLS # 202119783) in Diamond Head

Here we are at 3964 Owena St. at the base of Diamond Head. This home needs no fact sheet or flyer because I have it all right up here with my spidey sense. This is a 4 bedroom, 4 bath house just under 5,000 sq. ft. on a 15,000 sq. ft. lot. We're going to give you a perspective of this location later, but it's just something that you really have to see and it's priced to sell. 

As we come in off the main entry, here we are in the great room with a beautiful baby grand piano, fireplace (yes -fireplace in Hawaii) and an outdoor entertaining area we'll get to in a bit. Check this out, there's an outdoor koi pond. I know it's not in the Marvel Universe, but Aquaman from our DC rivals would probably appreciate all the little carp that are swimming through here. Behind me is a secret passage to a rooftop deck.

Check this out! This is Waikiki and the Gold Coast of Diamond Head behind me, and Kapiolani Park. It's not quite Central Park, but it's Hawaii's version of Central Park. Directly behind me now is the base of Diamond Head. If you could see at the very top there, there's a few bunkers up there. I wonder what it would be like to check it out up there? You'd probably get a great view of the city. Spiderman then disappears to the top of Diamond Head...That's a really cool view from the top! Now, let's go check the rest of this place out!

Here we are in the kitchen, which was completely remodeled 10 years ago. If you could see over to the left, you have a breakfast nook, over there a beautiful island, gas cooking, dual Sub Zero refrigerators, microwave, convection oven, wine refer and ice market in the corner. This is the perfect place for indoor/outdoor entertaining. Wait till we see outside! Did I mention? This home was designed by Jeff Long, one of Hawaii's coolest architects.

In summary, this home at the base of Diamond Head is something else. You've gotta call the guys at Harcourts Island Real Estate now, not tomorrow, now! This is going to go fast. Alrighty, Happy Halloween!