Aloha! It's another Wednesday and we're going to cover another episode of We Need Inventory. Today, we're going to be discussing Portlock in Hawaii Kai. This past Monday, I did a little market update, which was a short video talking about the stats in Portlock. It was intriguing to find that there was only 1 home for sale in Portlock and it was listed for $8,500,000, which sounds a little bit shocking. However, it shouldn't be too surprising as that market has been heating up in Portlock. There's been 2 sales over the past 6 months that are north of $8 million. There was a also a couple trades on the lower end in the $2-3 million range, but those ($8 million ones) were beautiful homes on the water. 

For those of you that don't know, Portlock is probably one of the higher end sleeper neighborhoods on the island. Often times Lanikai or Beachside in Kailua have gotten all the claim in the last several years. You've got Diamond Head and Kahala as well in town. But, not many people know that the highest residential sale ever on Oahu was here in Portlock back in 1990 at the old Kaiser Estate. 

Portlock's been on the rebound and we're seeing a lot of strength there. For those that don't know (even for locals), when I first got into the business well over 20 years ago I considered everything on the mauka (mountain) side of the ocean up to Koko Head (which is basically the backside of Hanauma Bay) as Portlock. But, Portlock itself is just an enclave of homes along Portlock Road in Hawaii Kai. There are 2 other neighborhoods in that area, which are Triangle and Koko Kai. But, today we're specifically only going to talk about Portlock, in that there's just over 150 parcels along Portlock Road. Today, there's only 1 for sale. So, it is it's own stand alone MLS neighborhood and there's only 1 home for sale.

Portlock Homes in Demand

I can imagine there's a lot of buyers out there that want to be on this desirable street. So, if you have a home in Portlock and you're thinking about selling, now might not be a bad time. Feel free to reach out and give us a shout at 808-371-3509. Mahalo!