As we take time this weekend to reflect on December 7th and Pearl Harbor, millions of people across the country will see views of the Arizona Memorial, whether it be online or television. One such news publication did a story titled ARTS and HUMANITIES: Contemplating the Lessons of Pearl Harbor. In addition to reflecting on Pearl Harbor, the article discusses the architectural attributes of the Arizona Memorial designed by Alfred Preis.

Alfred Preis Home at 3247 Melemele Place Re-Launched

Alfred Preis Home at 3247 Melemele Place (MLS # 201931347) in Manoa

Preis Manoa Home Doubles in Asking Price 5 Years Later

Over the years, mid century modern homes done by Alfred Preis are harder and harder to come by. This one in Manoa was last on the market back in 2013 and later sold back in 2014 for $940,000. After closing that year, the owners went through an extensive remodel where they kept a lot of the signature architecture feel of the exterior with doors, windows, etc. and use of ordinal hardwoods. Most of the money and changes went into some nice kitchen and bathroom renovations.

3247 Melemele Place Living Area

3247 Melemele View Left 3247 Melemele View Right

Original Feel of Home with Windows and Hardwoods

3247 Melemele Remodeled Kitchen

3247 Melemele Remodeled Bath 3247 Melemele Bathroom with Tub

Remodeled Kitchen and Bathrooms

Although our real estate market on Oahu hasn't doubled in the past 5 years, this will be a good one to watch as homes by Alfred Preis have become more and more valuable over the years. Combined with these renovations, whether the price actually doubles or not, my bet is the ultimate sales price will far exceed what the overall market has done.