Aloha, I'm going to give a quick walking tour of some of the latest developments of Howard Hughes. We've got Anaha right behind me and Waiea, which were the first two towers. 

Walking Tour of Ward Village

As we cross the street here on Auahi, you've got Waiea here, but you can see all (the new construction) that's happening in the zone right now. On the left coming up here you've got Victoria Place, which just got topped off about a week ago or so. They're finishing all the interiors and you can see all the people working on the windows there. All the construction workers... and across the street you've got Koula, which was completed this past year. There's a number of resale units on the market. 

As we walk down the right, you've got all the retail here and Victoria Ward Cinemas. As you can see, it is a construction zone. There's lots of progress happening right now. You can see how Victoria Place buts right up against Waiea here. That's the amenity deck for Waiea up above there. What's exciting to see, what we're coming to right around the corner here is the great lawn, which is one of the amenities for living in this neighborhood. That's slowly coming to fruition as is ultimately a pedestrian bridge across Ala Moana Blvd.

As you can hear (in the video), there's lots of construction going on. Here, we can see the progress of Victoria Place, which is really coming together. We've talked about this in the past, however what's going to be really nice about this tower for the residents is it's literally the only one with no retail. It's very private and exclusive. 

As you can see, there's a lot of construction happening down here. New towers going up with Ulana there and in the background we've got Ke Kilohana, which is one of the affordable products. What's behind this tar paper on the right is the great lawn. I referenced this in another video I took awhile back. You've got Aalii out the back and Aeo around the corner.

This is going to be one major park here and speaking of which, The Park is going to be right here.  Then, you've got Kalae, which is going to be coming up on the corner here on the other side of the park. What they're doing here is some site work here because this is where the pedestrian bridge is going to be that's going to cross over Ala Moana Blvd. 

Beyond Kalae, there's ultimately going to be a tower called Launiu, which I'm getting a presentation on today. After that, where the old Bank of Hawaii was, you have Alia by Kobayashi (not part of Ward Village). That's the extent of the Howard Hughes properties on the other side of Ward. 

Howard Hughes also has the maintenance and contract to run the harbor at Kewalo Basin, which is right across the street. Victoria Ward Village is really coming into itself. You see the grass going in on the great lawn. Once again, you've got Koula here and that's a wrap...

Correction! That is not a wrap. I just got out of a presentation for Launiu. It's going to be really impressive. It's going to be on the corner of Ward Ave. and Ala Moana Blvd. It'll be a 40 story building. The podium is going to be on the 7th floor. There's not a lot of details I can share yet as it's very preliminary. They're going to launch sales in January, but if you have interest in another one of Howard Hughes new towers here in Ward Village or Launiu, feel free to give me a call. Mahalo!