Professor X and Cerebro

Charles Xavier here. I came here to Cerebro to reflect back on some properties that my friend Logan told me about. He's been coming to Hawaii for many years to check out a sophisticated real estate brokerage called Harcourts Island Real Estate. Since then, Captain America stopped through. All hell has broken loose since then. We had Spider Man go to town then Dr. Strange... the literally cracked the multi-verse. So, now there's so many variations of myself and other mutants, some of which has taken on the personalities of selling properties.

Mutants in Real Estate

Mutants in Real Estate

We've got some in Beverly Hills, Orange County and San Diego County. We've also got one in New Zealand and another that runs auctions in New Zealand. These mutants are popping up all over the place in the multi-verse. However, I do want to talk about some properties I've seen through Cerebro. 

Awesome Listings by Harcourts in Hawaii

Awesome Listings by Harcourts

We've got a number of awesome listings and I've seen the value in these properties in Hawaii. First off, there's an upcoming listing on the North Shore for $3.9 million. Then, we've got some cool properties on Maui. One is listed in Kula for $3,125,000. We've got another for $1,250,000 in Kihei. Then, we've got some cool auction listings. One is taking place in Makakilo and another in town in Dowsett Point. There's also a really cool condo in Waikiki for those mutants that really want to get out there to see. Last, but not least, we've got a beachfront property in Makaha on the west side of Oahu. 

Happy Halloween from Harcourts

Trick or Treat from Harcourts

To recap, there's some really cool things that Harcourts Realtors are working on in Oahu and on Maui and for all those out there, we're wishing you a wonderful Halloween. Aloha!