Aloha! This is David Buck and today we're going to take you on a walking tour of the Gold Coast. It's something I've done countless times with my clients here at the very end of Kalakaua Ave. at Diamond Head. What we have behind me is Sans Souci Beach Park and the Natatorium is directly behind me. We're going to start on Kalakaua and make our way down to Coconut Ave. 

Gold Coast Condos at Diamond Head

Diamond Head's Gold Coast

In this particular video, we're going to be covering the Gold Coast to give you a perspective of these oceanfront buildings along the ocean at Diamond Head. Then, stay tuned as we'll do another segment on a later day and I'll put that link in the comments below regarding the condos across Kapiolani Park at Pualei Circle.

Kaimana Hotel

The first building we're passing is the Kaimana Hotel, which was once known as the New Otani Hotel. It's now owned by BlackSand Capital. They did an awesome job with the remodel and there's an awesome restaurant on the inside called Hau Tree.

Sans Souci

Out the back, we've got Sans Souci condos. I did a little segment on that a few months back. What's exciting about that property is although they are leasehold condos, the land lease got extended for another 65 years. That's one of the hottest news items that's happened on the Gold Coast. At Sans Souci out the back, you have awesome ocean and Waikiki views from there.

Lotus Hotel

On the right here, we have the Lotus Hotel, which is owned by MacNaughton Hospitality. Upstairs to the right used to be Diamond Head Grill years ago. Then, TBD by Vikram Garg is an awesome restaurant at the Lotus Hotel. As we pass the Lotus, that's the restaurant space upstairs. This is an awesome boutique hotel here on the Gold Coast. 

Colony Surf and Colony Beach

Out the back, you've got the Colony Surf, which is going to be the tallest building on the Gold Coast. Straight back there iis a mini little building called Colony Beach, where it's just one unit per floor. That there is the Colony Beach.

Then, the ramp up here takes you to the Colony Surf, where you've got a world class famous restaurant there in Michel's. There's basically 9 units per floor. They're either roughly 500 sq. ft. studios or 900 - 1,000 sq. ft. one bedrooms (a lot of which have been converted to studios). There's a 30 day min. on the rentals there. There's no AC allowed, but pets are allowed. That's a great building there at the Colony Surf.

Outrigger Canoe Club

Coming up here, you have the Outrigger Canoe Club. There's a little bit of construction going on right now on the parking structure. Believe it or not, in this day and age, the weight of EV or electric vehicles and being on the ocean, there's been a lot of spalling work. So, there's some contractors in there opening up the flooring and the concrete, patching up the rebar and preparing it for another 50 + years.

Outrigger Canoe Club, here on the right is a private club here on the Gold Coast. It's one of two. It was designed by Vladimir Ossipoff. There's really cool architecture.

The Elks Club

As we come up here on the right, we're going to be hitting the Elks Club, which is also a private club here on the Gold Coast. The Elks Club, trust me from experience, they've got some of the best real estate across the country. I've been to the one recently in Aspen, CO and they always seem to have the prime real estate. 

The big difference is they have an open parking lot and the Outrigger next door has got a lot of parking. I've got some friends that just did a downhill foil-board run and they're loading up their trucks right now.

Castle Surf

As we come out of the Elks Club parking lot, we're coming upon Castle Surf. These are one bedroom condos on the interior of the building and then book-ended by either end, you've got 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms. One is on the street side here and then again on the ocean side. We sold the Penthouse there last year. 

Across the street we have the fountain at Kapiolani Park and a beautiful shot of Diamond Head there. 

Tropic Seas

As we continue down, the next building we come across is Tropic Seas, which is also a co-op. There's two buildings. Not many people know, but there's one directly here on the street side and there's a taller one out the back. Tropic Seas is similar to the Diamond Head Ambassador in that it does not have a parking stall for every unit that is there. 

Diamond Head Beach Hotel

Next, we have the Diamond Head Beach Hotel, which is the only legal short term rental condo on the Gold Coast. However, these units are leasehold and that land lease is coming up for expiration in the year 2032. This will give you a perspective of Diamond Head Beach Hotel and this shot I just showed you is how it kind of tapers off at the top. The bottom floors are larger than the upper floors.

Diamond Head Ambassador

Now, we've got the Diamond Head Ambassador. It's a great building. We used to own a unit in here. There's not enough parking for all of the units here. You have a mix of studios, one and two bedrooms. Then, we come up to this nice fountain to the right. When the building was built in the 50's it was in the territory of Hawaii, before condo law (in 1961). That's why you see a lot of co-ops down here on the Gold Coast. The original name of the building was the Diamond Head Ambassador Hotel. So, the first five floors is where it originally stopped. When you see the penthouse, the penthouses were kind of like an afterthought that were added on later.

This is a great oceanfront building and one of just several on the strip (we're going to have 3 in a row) here that have an oceanfront swimming pool. So, the Ambassador has a swimming pool. 

Diamond Head Apartments

Then, we come up to Diamond Head Apartments. That's their generator, in case the power goes out. This is my favorite building on the Gold Coast. It was designed by Vladimir Ossipoff, which is arguably like the Frank Lloyd Wright of Hawaii.  They've got two levels of parking, down below and up the ramp here. 

My grandma actually owned a penthouse here, so I've got fond memories of visiting this building when we were kids. It's a fantastic building here on the Gold Coast. It's 12 stories high and famous for its architecture. The building itself just did some work on the spalling and painting. So, after that was complete, they replanted all of this vegetation here. From what you can see, it's got some natural Hawaiian flora and fauna. Then, we have another perspective of the ramp going up here. As a reminder, this one does have a swimming pool as well. Fronting these buildings is a sea wall, so owners can come in off the seawall.

Coral Strand

Then, we've got the Coral Strand, also designed by Vladimir Ossipoff and also a co-op. It's a similar set up here where youu have a ramp that goes up for parking and another ramp below. The lobby is directly through here and I love the patriotism with some of these buildings with American Flags. There's a lot of love here on the Gold Coast. Here's another perspective on the backside of Coral Strand. A lot of these are going to be the '05 stacks that face the park. What's nice about those building is you have views of Kapiolani Park and the ocean in front. 

2987 Kalakaua

We're walking past some hau bush here and we're coming up to 2987 Kalakaua, which is formerly known as the Dad Center Apartments. There was a broker's open today and I got invited in. This is a view from the unit that was for sale (#404).

2987 Kalakaua 404 Ocean View

View from 2987 Kalakaua #404

Once again, we're back down at the street at 2987 Kalakaua, which is the Dad Center Apartments. 

The Tahitienne

Next up on the row, we have The Tahitienne at 2999 Kalakaua Ave. This one has an open parking lot, so none of the parking stalls are covered. That's one of the downsides. This is a direct oceanfront building, which obviously they all are (on this side of the road). The views out the back are awesome. They do have within their co-op rules, there's a rule where you can't rent it out for the first year of ownership. So, if someone is an investor, they just want to factor that in when investing at the Tahitienne.

3003 Kalakaua

3003 Kalakaua - these are probably some of the largest condominiums on the Gold Coast. There are two units per floor, units A & B. They're spacious and like 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms and close to 2,000 sq. ft. What's unique about this building is it's one of the rare buildings on the Gold Coast that actually has guest parking, which is right up this ramp. So, they have guest parking up this ramp here and that's the entrance there. There's parking down bellow as well. So, that's 3003 Kallakaua.

Oceanside Manor

Next on the right coming up is going to be Oceanside Manor. Similar to 3003 Kalakaua, this one also has two units per floor. Some of the owners have actually combined them. They're going to be in either an '01 or '02 stack. There's also an open parking lot, which is similar to the Tahitienne that we just walked by. It's very special with only two units per floor and they're two bedrooms, two bathrooms. 

3019 Kalakaua

The next one we come up to is another exclusive one. It's 3019 Kalakaua Ave. This one is going to be just one unit per floor and these are spacious units. They've typically been trading around $4 million per floor. There's a combined unit that recently sold for $7 million (units 9 & 10). 

3019 Kallakaua Ocean View

View from 3019 Kalakaua #11

It was a real treat. I got invited up to this 11th floor unit at 3019 Kalakaua and this gives you a perspective of these incredible 180 panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. To your right, you're going to see 3003 Kalakaua and down the coast towards Waikiki, there's a little spit of sand there. That's on this side of The Elks Club at Castle Surf Apartments that we covered earlier. Once again, this is a great perspective of Tonggs, which is probably one of the most consistent waves here on the south shore of Oahu.  

Historic Gingerbread Houses

Next, we get into these historic homes. These "gingerbread houses" and what we like to call like a "6 pack" of them. You'll see there's three of them on the left and three of them on the right. One of the perks of these being on the historic registry is they have really low property taxes. They're a little smaller on the inside. They're like two bedrooms. Some of the older homes in the Diamond Head part of Honolulu are going to be in this area. You have several that are on the historic registry. This will give you another perspective here of one of the historic placards there on this one.

Beach Right of Way

Now, we're going to give you a perspective of walking down the beach access off Kalakaua Ave. You've got the gingerbread houses on the right. Then on the left, you've got another single family home. This is the beach access that spans several blocks. So, if you were to turn the camera around behind me, it stretches for owners in the neighborhood to get down to the beach access here. 

One of the great things about Tonggs is the waves are fairly consistent throughout the year. Almost every day of the year you can surf out there. It's not always going to be the best wave. Out the back there, you've got Seabreeze, which is also a special building, which we're going to come to shortly. Once again, we're panning out to a view of Tonggs and it's one of the most consistent waves on Oahu. Here's the seawall looking down towards Waikiki and the crystal clear blue water you have here. We're starting to see more and more foil boards out at Tonggs. It's a growing trend on Oahu and across the world for that matter, is foil-board surfing.

As we walk back in towards Kalakaua Ave., this will give yo ua perspective of this right of way. On the right, obviously you can't build a home this close to the setback these days, but that house there on the right sold during COVID for about $6 million bucks. I'm sure it would go for a lot more today. Then, directly across the street you can kind of make out that other right of way, with another gingerbread house and Diamond Head out the back. 

Oceanfront Homes on the Gold Coast

As we continue on towards the very end of Kalakaua Ave., we'll see on the right a few more single family homes, which are very rare. Tonggs, the surf break was actually named after the Tongg family because their property was there. There are some existing single family homes here. This one here on the right was built by Homeworks Construction and I think it last traded a few years ago for about $10 million bucks. Then, you've got another single family home here on the right. Then, another gingerbread single family home across the street and Diamond Head out the back.

You've got another historic single family home on the right. Then, you have a couple more modern ones coming up as well. One of these on the right last traded about 10 years or so ago for about $7 million bucks. That would go for significantly more today. 

3056 Kalakaua

Then, you've got 3056 Kalakaua Ave. That is the only non-waterfront condo on the Gold Coast, with also two units per floor, that are either east or west that they call them. 


Then, we've got the Seabreeze which is one unit per floor. It's very impressive and the last one of those traded for about $4 million bucks for 1,200-1,300 sq. ft.  So, about $3,000 a foot. Then, you've got Diamond Head out the back.


The final one here is the only one on the Gold Coast with a Coconut Ave. address, which is the Kainalu. Then Coconut Ave. curves right back up towards Diamond Head.


That rounds up my tour of the Gold Coast here at Diamond Head. You can see Diamond Head out the back here. We're at the very end of Kalakaua Ave. here at the intersection of Kalakaua and Coconut, where you have both the Seabreeze and Kainallu and directly behind me once again you have 3056 Kalakaua, which is the only non-waterfront building here on the Gold Coast. 

If you're looking to buy a condo or co-op here on the Gold Coast, or if you're just kind of curious of what's going on in the area, we sell condos here and all over Oahu. Feel free to reach out and give us a shout @ 808-371-3509. Mahalo!